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Writings for Friktion Web Magazine

WORKS AT WORK: The Performer as a post modern worker

“The artist’s life is an art form in itself. Does everyday life and art have anything to do with each other? If you are an artist: yes. This year’s international performance festival WORKS AT WORK, which focused on duo works, examined the artistic partnership as a life form. Issues like friendship, antagonism, entity, share-economies, equity and equality were among the themes debated during the three-day festival”


Writings for the collective blog Shared RISK

Choreographic Activism // Poetic Riots

“Can choreography be another way of thinking in terms of political actions. Can thoughts be activism and how does choreography persue us to think. Is dance practices a antithesis of the values of modern-day capitalism, or is it itself instrumental in maintaining capitalism. What is the image of society that choreography produces now and what is the role of the choreographer.”